tell ya what it means to me

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted…
Today, I want to talk about Face Culture. This is an interesting phenomena that I have only recently started to understand.

Why is this so important?

For those who have always had enough money, this is a very curious thing that makes no sense whatsoever.

Remember the story of the Chinese business man who made toys for a US toy company? He used a cheaper leaded paint instead of the expensive paints the company paid him to use. When the US company discovered this, they were understandably upset. The business took his life because of this incident.


One day, riding my bike in the US, I passed a group of guys working on a car. One person had left the drivers side door wide open. I call back and said he should shut the car door. The young man was mad at me thinking I was somehow insulting him. My intentions were totally to try to help him- not insult him.


I had to ask my students to tell me why Face Culture is so important.

When all you have is the respect of others, then the only thing that makes you valuable to them is respect.

Face Culture is so important because they are looking for respect from a certain group of people. The importance of respect doesn’t mean that they want respect from everyone; just from the right people. People they respect. People they want to be like.

Face Culture is about being able to respect the people you want to respect and receiving respect from those same people.
And this makes a world of sense to me because we all want respect and honor from people. And we don’t always want respect from everyone- just the people we think are worthy of respect.
Are you one of those who wants to be just like Mr. and Mrs. Jones? Do you want to have a car just as nice as they have? What about the biggest big screen tv? See, Face Culture isn’t as different from keeping up with the Joneses…

What I am striving to do (and I hope you will strive for this as well), is to live my life in such a manner that even if someone doesn’t like what I believe in, they can respect the authenticity of my beliefs. They can have respect for why I believe it.


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