The So Called “War on Women”

In the last several months, I have heard Democrats roaring about how Republicans are waging this massive war on women. As if somehow conservative views are dangerous to women (but that is for a different post).
First of all, I would like to point out a real war on women. Child prostitution. Child prostitution is a real event that happens far more often than anyone wants to believe. I currently live in SE Asia- where prostitution is common and widely accepted.

Child prostitution is a major problem because these young girls grow up not understanding any way of life other than coercion.
For example, Jane is a 6-year-old girl. Her stepfather has some of his ‘friends’. He might also ask Jane to call them her ‘uncles’. These men enjoy holding Jane on her lap and, eventually (when she is old enough), start to use her in more sexual ways.
Maybe Jane has a boyfriend who makes her have sex with his ‘friends’.

These women don’t understand any other life- but yet, they cannot stand to live this way because they feel like worthless people. Perhaps the only way out of the life is to find other women to take their place (which is sad, but I can fully understand why they might do it).

So, when Dems rail on about how women have it rough because they “need to stay at home” or “get paid less in the workforce”, I am disgusted because so many women have it much worse than a difference in pay (which actually doesn’t exist because women tend to choose careers that pay less for both men and women).

Many women are trapped in this lifestyle. We need to change our society to get them out of it.

So until women are no longer used as sex-slaves, let’s redefine the war on women to how it should be defined…



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