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Long time, no post…

So it has been a while since I last posted here. Sorry about that. I have been trying to figure out what I could talk about. There are many things I could talk about, but I am trying to keep this focused.

So, let’s move onto a topic that I find lacking in most young people today. Note, I don’t mean young people in America, I mean young people everywhere. Since I lived in the USA for most of my life and now teach in one of the largest countries in the world, I believe I am justified by making such a generalization.

Many young people in the world today do not understand how to think. They are taught to believe the teachers, the professors, the scholars. If someone has studied psychology, then surely that person is qualified to tell me why I behave the way I do, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. Many professors make mistakes. Many psychologists make mistakes as well. A lot of people make mistakes every day.

Now, what does it mean to think? The process of thinking requires that you consider what the person is saying and whether or not what they say is beneficial or not.

Thinking means that you consider how your actions will affect your future life. For me, I need to learn Chinese. I live in China. Plus, if I am fluent in Chinese, it will give me an edge in getting a job in America (should I return with my wife). But I don’t like studying Chinese. It is hard to study something that requires memorization and practice. So, I need to change my mindset and focus on what is best.

Thinking means that you look at why you should and should not do something. Yes. I said look at why you should AND should not do something. Why should I make a new light bulb that way? What if I build it this way? And this third way?

Thinking is the skill that leads to comprehension of proper actions and proper beliefs. I don’t think any feminist who truly understands what I mean when I say “my wife must respect me no matter what just as I must love my wife no matter what” will have any issues with it. I say this because I see how loving my wife unconditionally makes her so much more beautiful and confident. And I see how her respecting me makes me more confident (and probably handsome as well, but I don’t know about that one). And remember, I am required to treat my wife a certain way just as she is required to treat me a certain way, so it isn’t just patriarchal of me, it is responding to who I am as a man and who she is as a woman.

So, lets go to more concrete examples:

No one is being taught to ask those who claim to know the truth: “How do you know that it is true?” What research have you done or read about that proves your stance? No one asks the politician: “How can I trust you?” “How do I know you are being honest with me?

We MUST ask these questions. We must become a society of inquisitors. This is why: The United States of America is 17 TRILLION dollars in debt.

17 trillion.

Look at that number again. If you purchased a house for 17 trillion, how long would it take you to pay it off? If you had a 30 year loan, you would need to pay more that 83 billion per month to pay it off. More perspective: Bill Gates’ net worth (that is, ALL of his money) wouldn’t even pay one months payment.

The reason why I bring up the US Debt amount is because no one seems to be doing anything about changing our current path. We are in serious danger of losing our country because nobody cares about the debt.

We squabble (and it is good that we do) about our rights: Gay rights, the rights of Hobby Lobby, the rights of …, but are we up in arms over illegal immigration (many people are, actually)? Are we up in arms over Congress making dangerous changes to the way they conduct business? Are we up in arms over how P. Bush and current P Obama are increasing the powers of the Executive office?

Sorry. I will stop being political now (although, that is fairly apolitical).

When was the last time you sat down and thought through what you believe?

And when I say believe, I don’t just mean Christian or Atheist or Buddhist, etc. I am referring to anything and everything.

I routinely examine my thought processes for flaws and try to improve them. Most recently, it is my own apathy. That is to say, I am focusing on my apathy towards the fact that I am not always a serious learner (unless I REALLY want to study it). I can change that and I am working on it now.

I have many ideas I want to build (inventions) that I have been thinking about for years. Going over them again and again to try to figure out how to best implement those ideas.

I have considered my faith as a Christian. And I have studied “World Religions”- in part, at least! I took a semester in college of religion and I saw how they handled Christianity and felt it wasn’t improper and then saw how they treated the other religions. It seemed fairly unbiased to me.

Anyway, I have thought about and studied and learned enough to know that Christianity is true. I really enjoy watching videos on science and (mostly) astronomy. What I see is how the observable evidence proves Christianity (aside from redshift, but that is a different matter altogether). I see how unlikely it is that we evolved at all.

I can see the proof in the Chinese language as well. Look it up, you will see a lot of proof for it. I believe this is true because I see how words come together in the language and how the combination of those words justifies the idea that the ideas in Genesis chapters 1-11 are represented in the Chinese language (tower has: dirt, grass, people, 1 and language, to share is: knife, 8, joy, or cut into 8s, the joy). I could go on and on.

I could present more evidence for why I believe in Jesus Christ, but I will refrain because of space and potential interest by you, the reader.

What I want you to start doing is questioning your beliefs. I don’t want you to question your beliefs because I think your wrong, I want you to do this to understand why your beliefs are correct. Find concrete evidence as to why you ought to believe what you believe. And if you find out that your beliefs are not correct, then that is good as well.

And when you question your beliefs, look at what the other side has to say about the matter. What do non-feminists believe? What do pro-choice people believe? Why is Christianity better than Buddhism? (yes, I know, a highly biased question there).

Question everything I have written here!!! Seriously, you can search and find evidence to support everything I have written.



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