for the poor, against immigration

As a Christian, I look to the past to decide what our future America should look like. So when I look to how we handled immigration years ago, I wonder “how could we improve upon that”? Now, I think giving everyone who crosses our borders a temporary tax-payer ID number would be perfect. This would eliminate the need for immigration visas, the ‘illegal immigration’ status, and help us track each person who crosses our borders (but I would limit voting rights to citizens only).

Even so, I never considered the other problems that come with mass immigration.

The debate rages between Democrats and Republicans as to how to reform immigration. But I don’t hear either side discussing how in the world we will improve the circumstances for the hundreds of thousands of low-income Blacks, Hispanics, other minorities and even l-i White people…

I think this is the best counter-argument for being anti-immigration. Let’s employ the masses who are already in America. Let’s get THOSE people a job before we start worrying about the people who immigrated from other countries.

Granted, the kids who walked the 500 miles (and walked 500 more) to fall down at our door suffered to get to the USA. But what about THEIR future? Those kids probably don’t speak English, probably don’t have much of an education, are lacking many of the basics that will hinder them for the rest of their lives. I would love to help them out, but let’s start at home, shall we?

Also, so many sex workers come from the very situation those young people are getting themselves into. See:  The country I currently live in is plagued with sex-slaves (and no, I don’t think I am miss-using the term ‘slave’ as I am referring to someone who is forced to perform services they don’t want to give). As well, many of the surrounding nations have problems with this.

So, think about this: WHY should we accept thousands of kids from other countries, pay for foster care, and give them an education only to see them turn to a life of crime or victimization?



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