I hate myself

Disclaimer: I have a good point at the end, so even if you disagree with me, please read to the end before you judge me. Thank you!

For a long time, I hated gay people. And I had good reason to hate them as well- all of the openly gay people I knew had cheated me or tried to cheat me. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth towards them.

Then I realized that lots of straight people have cheated me as well. And then I realized I shouldn’t hate all gay people just because of a couple of bad people.

And I grew with this and worked on loving gay people.

Then, I started hating those people who don’t stop for pedestrians. And I got really mad. So mad, I wanted to organize people to force traffic to stop for pedestrians constantly.

And then I realized shouldn’t hate them either- where I live, they sincerely don’t understand anything other than what they are doing…

And then I hated Muslims. So many Muslims do bad things in the name of Allah (that is, the moon god of Muhammad’s tribal gods before he created Islam). And what is worse is how so many people say it is a peaceful religion. Even the leaders will preach in English about peace- and then in Arabic preach about going to war against unbelievers.

So I do have reason to hate Muslims, but the vast majority of Muslims are, in fact, peaceful people.

But what really got me is I started thinking about how many things I have hated. But what DON’T I hate??? I don’t hate it when I sin against God (well, not while I am sinning at least. Afterwards, I do). I don’t hate it when I live a life that is filled with self pleasure. I don’t hate it when I am a bad husband.

And so, I am embarking to try to hate doing those things which are bad for me to do and to love those things which are good for me to do.

And I also read from Matthew 5:44- love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. So, the violent Muslim is my enemy and I must love them. All 3 million of my enemies.

And what will you do? Will you hate the bad things you do or the bad things you see other people doing?

And for a brief treatise on Islam, I suggest the link below.





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