Gun Control

We hear so often in our daily life about all of the terrible shootings that occur. Now, each shooting is terrible and sad, however, I wonder about the effectiveness of gun control.

I wonder about the effectiveness of GC for the following reasons:

1) Very often, the guns are purchased legally.

2) A high number of people who have committed violent crimes with guns are on psychiatric medication.

3) If someone really wants to kill others, you don’t need guns to do so.

4) The Constitution states: “Well-regulated militia”.

Lets look at #1: Guns that are purchased legally will always be available to those who qualify. If you require tougher screenings before being allowed to purchase a gun, how do you know if the person who is qualified today will remain qualified tomorrow? It is very easy for someone who has no past of violent crimes or indications of evil desires to develop the desire to do bad things to people. As well, it is possible to hide such information.

#2: We see a large number of people who have been taking anti-depressants to be guilty of violent crimes with weapons. Looking at, I saw most anti-depressants have the warning that individuals under the age of 25 are likely to have suicidal thoughts. I think most people can conclude that suicide and homicide are very similar in nature.

Recently, there was a shooting where the young man was still a virgin and blamed women for not satisfying his sexual desires. My viewpoint of this is that, rather than internalizing his problems and committing suicide, he externalized them, blamed others and decided other people needed to suffer for his lack.

#3: How many people have been killed by means other than guns this year? If you add them up, many times the number who have died by gunfire. In the city where I live, 25 people were murdered by knives in one night (in 2014). Lots of people die in SWIMMING POOLS every year. Bombs have been used to destroy buildings and take lives. So have airplanes. If we are going to fear guns in this manner, shouldn’t we fear airplanes, knives, trucks big enough to be bombs, and swimming pools?

#4: Ok, now we are getting to solutions. Rather than regulated from a Federal level, why not have each state require militia involvement. If a militia is in regular (as in weekly or maybe monthly) contact with its members, then the militia will be able to identify dangerous individuals. If each person talks about their families and how the family members are behaving, this will also help. Requiring militia involvement before a gun purchase would increase responsibility as well as not cause the NRA to fight further gun control (or so I presume).
Also, rather than being afraid of guns, why don’t we teach people how to defend against guns? We teach some how to save people from swimming pools, right? We have people who help keep bad people off of airplanes, right? Parents teach their children how to cut food safely, right?

So why can’t we teach people how to safely handle guns??? Teach them that dying is real. Teach them how to take guns away from people. Teach them the reality of living with guns.

If we can do this, we can prevent deaths by gun. We can unite as communities and defeat those who would use guns to kill others.




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